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What Song are You Listening to?


New Member
The title says it all. Just post the song that you're listening to.
I'll start.

Master Hunter by Laura Marling


I don't know about you but,



Ex-Team Member
I like your list everyone

Im listening to:

Let her go - Tyler ward found on itunes
Oh Sweet Lorraine


New Member
Life Is Beautiful by Riyou Kinugasa, Takuya Kobayashi, and Hiromi Mizutani
and Cream Soda by Arai Ken!

I'm in the mood for whistling, apparently :D


Yanni fan, listening to my favorite cd of his performance at the Acropolis.
@Josia I haven't heard Yanni in ages. I tend more towards Kitaro, David Arkenstone and Loreena McKennit though. I should look up some of his stuff again, see if I should add to the collection...


@Silverthorne07, got a chance to see his show this past summer, AWESOME. I have some Kitaro also, just lose it when I play that one cd at the Acroplis, a classic in my book. I have to check David and Loreena out.
@Josia They're really good. Arkenstone tends to do a lot of other people's music, but he does it well. Loreena is heavily celtic/middle eastern influenced and the result is gorgeous (and she explains where she gets her ideas/influences for each song too in the jacket notes). Definitely worth the listen. Kate Price is another good one if you find yourself liking Loreena.

...I need to stop now. I am a music glutton. :)


Thanks for the names of the other artists, I normally sit for hours just listening to this type of music. I have a collection of some of the greats (my opinion only of who's great) like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin (just to remember my days in the 70's and 80's). Telling my age now. And I can not forget to mention Stevie Ray Vaughan.
NP. I have more if you need refs. Just let me know.

Oooh, all greats! I love more modern/recent stuff too. Honestly, unless it's really obnoxious sounding, I'll probably listen to it and get at least a couple of CDs of whatever it is. Because that's my thing.

(Here, let me date myself a little so you're not alone: Born July 22, the year we landed on the moon. :) )