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When is Battle a Viable Option


So just wondering when in fact going to battle for a province becomes a regularly viable option? It seems my meager forces are already heavily overpowered and I just started - can't imagine it getting even more difficult as it's already nearly impossible! I just took several light ranged units against one heavy ranged unit and got my proverbial butt kicked. Landed every hit on him, yet barely decreased his strength, and each one of his hits took out an entire unit.

So I'm wondering if battle ever becomes something that will actually be in my favor rather than constantly being heavily overpowered. Any advice?



Oh Wise One

This chart will give you an idea of combat difficulty. If you are unsure how to figure out your squad size or normalise it then look at this thread

As you move up the scale more skill, terrain and luck is needed. If your in the lower end and still struggling, post some details and someone may be able to give some tips.


Muadible, you can check out Platinum Leaf and Platinum Leaf Community on Facebook. Take a screenshot of the troops you're facing and the battlefield itself and people will give you tips. Mykan's "Combat Guide" which you can access via the link below his signature is very handy as well. In general, I fight even when the troops are more than twice my number as long as I have bonuses against all or most of them but that comes with computations, terrain study, and enemy movement prediction which I can do since I've finally been able to detect movement patterns after a number of fights. You may also want to check out my Battle Sheet and input your troops and the enemies. If numbers aren't your thing, you can check out Elven Architect's Battle Simulator, input your troops and the enemies, and it will tell you if you lose or not. I don't rely on the battle simulator because I don't know the logic it's based on but you might want to give it a shot.

But, in short, a fight is viable when:

Number of troops is more or less equal to yours (I think the devs want you to complete all the military research in the chapter you're in before fighting)
Number of squads is more or less equal to yours (the more squads the harder, especially against 8 stacks)
Composition of enemy troops: Mixed fights are harder. It's best if you have bonuses against all or most enemies. If going against heavy melee and heavy range, for example, use light range (archer for elves, crossbowman for humans) due to their attack and defence bonuses versus those foes.

There are charts in Platinum Leaf and Mykan's Guide on this as well as text versions in my battle sheet.

For the particular scenario that you mentioned:

I just took several light ranged units against one heavy ranged unit and got my proverbial butt kicked. Landed every hit on him, yet barely decreased his strength, and each one of his hits took out an entire unit.

Do NOT use light range against heavy range. You will get creamed because HR has bonuses against LR. Use a mage or heavy melee which has bonuses against HR. If you don't have those units yet, use Light Melee which are neutral. However, you may still die before you reach them so I suggest you run the stats first to see how many of your units can survive a hit and make it to the attacker and if enough are left to take the enemy out. This is why the damage and HP columns in my Battle Sheet are the ones I look at the most. I check each stack's damage and their total damage and see how much of a squad they can take down and vice versa. If the terrain is really bad, I suggest you look for an easier fight. I hate going against range attackers myself because I know I won't get away without losses so I waited as long as I could until I got the sorceress.

Useful Links:
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