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Why do enemy oppenents do lose casualities during a battle, while my Army suffers.


The question is in the opening statement. When I go to battle an enemy opponent and lose, but also take a lot of the enemies opponent fighters away during the battle, why does the opponent always have the same strength while I have to recoup my losses on my own resources? Should not the opponent lose forces likewise? If the enemy has unlimited resources of manpower, why should we as Archmage's, bother to oppose them.
Armies are not invinceable, therefore our opponents should be the same. Do you not agree ? I'm of the belief that casualties should be reflected equally, even with the survivors of the battle for the next ensuing battle.
If I remember correctly, the enemy is a band of bandits, or a horde, are they allowed to reinforce without indiscrimination? The playing field has to be balanced, however, I understand that each additional level needs to bring more challenges.
I look forward to your reply.


The enemy gets a new force for each battle, just as you do. If they didn't get to reinforce, then neither would you, so after losing you would have 0 troops. Since they are non-player characters, it is sort of meaningless to speculate about what 'resources' they do or don't require to reman.

Also remember that they are a computer while you are human, which means you are vastly smarter. The rules have to be tilted in their favor to be at all challenging to you.