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Why, just why


Well-Known Member
I am "Well-Known" for accumulating Winter Lampions. *holds back tears*
And your unwavering loyalty to buddies.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I've been on this game since Sept 2015 (almost 7 yrs maybe) and I still see myself in postings as a new member. How long must I play to become an "old guy"??
There's a simple way to see how many trophies you have on the forum and what to do to be "well-known." Just click on your name at the top right while you're in the forum, go to "account details" and then to "profile," and from there you can check out yourself. Click on "about" and it will tell you how many forum trophies you have. You need a certain amount to become well known; not sure how many because I've been well known for a long time. I think being well known depends upon the number of posts you've made and how many likes you've gotten. You can check it all out there.

I just checked out mine: Messages 2,562 Reaction score 5,091. In other words, I talk too much, lol!


Yep, as Darielle says, just post a few.
The lounge and artists corner can help with that.
Also. You may have had a Forum account in the past, but things changed a couple of years ago, and our accounts here had to be linked to an active city. And then it still had to be used, idk, about every 90 days.
I haven't seen any real need here, but who knows about other Forums.