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why the discrepancy


I play two worlds. Both at level 17. One has the trading centre producing 5700 Elvenarin Zero and the other only producing 5000. What am I missing and / or maybe I just popped a new white hair and have forgotten. Perhaps it is it my leprosy acting up? Answers boys and girls, I need answers!!


Oh Wise One
@thx569 I consider a high level Blooming Trader essential if you want to move through ch 17 in anything resembling a timely fashion. Portal Profits have been totally nerfed in that chapter. You can use them to make Elvenarian Zero, but PPs are useless for actually unlocking tech advances. The big and small ships require you to spend some guest race goods in order to make more. BTG increases the output of them, but does not increase the cost to load them. So in ch 17, BTG has an exaggerated impact due to the way it changes the cost/benefit ratio of the large and small ships. My BTG was over L20 and ch 17 still took me months to do. Without it I'd still be in ch 17 (I've been in ch 18 for nearly a month now).
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