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Not a Bug Windows version sets off Threat Detection - Can't type


New Member
Game version: v1.171.3-(b9b9636) - microsoft (2023-03-16 11:23)
Game world: Winyandor
Browser + version: Windows Version
Operating System:
OS Name Microsoft Windows 11 Home
Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
Account name: Snappeddragon2
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 5/5

Quest title: N/A

Current situation:
Whenever I launch the Windows version of Elvenar, Webroot detects a threat:

If I ignore it, an error message pops on top of my game window (see attached image) saying "Attention: Microsoft API is not loaded! Using default products." When I click OK, I'm able to play the game as usual, except that I can't type anything. That includes Messages, Chat, and Trade offers. Anything I would need to use the keyboard for doesn't work. This just started this week, after the latest update. Browser versions work fine, so that's where I'll be in the meantime.


  • ElvenarErrorImage.png
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Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
What happens if you turn off webroot and try and run the game ?
Did you install webroot or did it come with something you have ?


Well-Known Member
I've got WebRoot, running the game on Chrome and have never gotten a threat detection (of course, now that I've typed this, I will probably get one).

Which browser are you using (Edge?)


New Member
He's using the app from the MS store I believe.
That's correct. I'm using the Windows App. The browser versions run fine.
Webroot is known for sending a lot of false positives. You can run any site you are concerned about through Google’s Safe Browsing Transparency Report tool and VirusTotal. Just copy/paste the URL in the search box on each site.
That's probably all it is: a false positive. I'll have to crack open Webroot and see if I can figure out how to mark the Elvenar exe as "safe".


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
Some info on it:
In the most harmless circumstances, malware researchers also have seen Win32.LocalInfect.2 occur as a false positive, or an incorrect threat flagging of a safe file. Files that malware analysts see flagging as Win32.LocalInfect.2 infections include some net traffic analysis utilities from Sourceforge, TheBrain software, and Minecraft modding tools. These programs ordinarily don't pose a threat to your computer.
So it has shown up as false positives, but take the guesswork out of it and just submit a ticket to Webroot. They will tell you.


Chef - loquacious one
If I disable Webroot, the game runs fine. I installed Webroot SecureAnywhere as one of my virus protection programs.

Hmmm... while it may seem logical that if one virus protection product works, why not have 2 or more? Not a good idea as sometimes they fight, with one finding fault with the other, and so on. And it can make things run much slower. The added protection of a second virus protection program (or whatever "protection" is being offered) over one good one is so near zero that you probably end up with more problems between the two (or more) than when you stick to one good one.

For instance, you might think a two-way firewall would be better than the built in one way firewall of Windows. And it probably is. But here's the thing. A one way firewall keeps bad stuff from coming in. A two way firewall keeps the bad stuff in your computer from getting out. If your computer is clean and the bad stuff never gets in -- the one way firewall does it's job -- what's the point of having something to keep what you never get, in? It's like a bank teller, in reverse. If you never make a deposit (i.e. put bad stuff in your account), he/she sure can't to let you withdraw it (it, being the bad stuff you never put in), right? So while a two way firewall appears to be more robust on paper, in it's basic functionality, it's just doesn't add that much.

Of course, any product you use may have features out side the actual protection it offers. Maybe you like the interface. Maybe it comes with "gaming mode" or something it touts to be super-cool. Or maybe you just like it's bright black and orange coloring. These might influence your choice of online protection, but once you get to that dance you should just dance with one partner at a time. At least that's what I think.



Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
In all my years online since ... I’ve never used anything other then what was in Windows


Well-Known Member
I just started having a problem on my laptop with getting the game to open. I use Opera for my game & my hubby uses Edge. His game opens without issue, but today when I am at the log-in screen, when I hit enter, the screen flashes & shows the log-in screen again. No error messages or anything else. I tried logging into my game on chrome, but when it is loading, it keeps saying server error.


Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Just checked my Opera, Opera GX, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox and all loaded fine. And for good measure on my mac I tried Safari and all good