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Winds Of Summer


We are looking to increase membership.

If you're looking for a mid ranked Fellowship that's pretty easy going, with easy requirements, then here we are!!

We do ask that you please participate in the game at least a little. Visit your fellow members at least 3 times per week.

It is nice if you partake in the tournaments, Fellowship Adventures, or the Spire. They are not required but are a fun twist to the game.

Please let us know if you can't play for a while. Members who are inactive for 4 weeks without notification may be removed from the fellowship.

Fair trades are preferred; 0 or 1 star trades allowed only upon agreement with another member.

New and experienced players are welcome.

Winds of Summer


Buddy Fan Club member
Looking for a relaxed, non competitive fellowship? We have plenty of room for you and your friends! Tournament, Spire and fellowship adventures are optional. New to the game? We are glad to help you get started. Experienced but need a breather from competitive requirements? We have a spot for you! Join direct, or message myself or any of our helpful mages.

Have a small fellowship and looking to merge? Feel free to message me here or in the game.
Happy gaming!

@Dreamyn2 archmage, Winds of Summer, Arendyll