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Winter Wolves Recruiting!


New Member
Winter Wolves Fellowship on Aryndell is Recruiting!!

We are actively recruiting to fill our last few spots!! We are a close, friendly group who help each other grow and learn and just have fun. Looking for active members who are currently at a score/rank of no less than 48000 (not a must as long as you're active and participating). If you are boosted in STEEL, SILK, or GEMS that's a bonus.

These active members are expected to participate in all tournaments (team goal is 10 chests each week but average 8.5 chests), FA events, participate in very active KP threads and who will actively trade ( cross-tier trades acceptable and 2 or 3 star trades only please!), ask/answer questions, share your knowledge and work together as a group. Inactive members who go silent and stop playing without informing anyone will be expelled.

That said, our primary objective is that we are here to have fun!!

Please message Larine ( Archmage) and/or Moneymax ( Mage) if interested.

Come!! Be a member of our Winter Wolves pack!

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