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Wizard spell shop


Active Member
To gain pop and culture?

( sometimes its better or easier than adding an extra house for getting past a population bottleneck; one nice thing is that the event pop/culture buildings usually don't need a road so they can often fill an awkward nook in a city plan until the next redesign )


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
Yes, it is only pop and culture, and therefore does not need a road, as Maplestone said. Check the population per square. If it works out better than a residence at your level, place it. Or, if you have a lot of weird spots that don't have roads, then tuck it into one of those.

You will always be selling buildings and replacing them as you progress, so don't worry if you aren't sure you want it. If you have the space and it's worth it, per square, then place it. Selling it later for something better will be a good strategy, rather than trying to spend too many royal restorations to upgrade it. There are some buildings that you will really want to upgrade, like the evolving buildings, bears, phoenixes, etc. Things like the Wizards Spell shop are not as important and so you'll eventually sell it or disenchant it.


Active Member
Fair point, fair point.

*ponders possible rationalizations*

Well you see the big flashy enchantments we mage lords throw on whole buildings really are the exception. The average citizen can only afford a few home and garden cantrips. But still, having an establishment that provides these civilian spells at cost gets the city a lot of coverage in the travel guides and songs of traveling bards, bringing both new citizens and renown.

( I hope that helps the imagination :) )


Active Member
I find this formula extremely helpful when assessing per square value for pop and cult buildings:


Use Lava Codex on current chapter for benchmark value.
Usually nothing reaches Lava Codex square value, so if you are close, you're good :)
Wizard shop is a good building. Not top, but good.


Reasons: It could fit the space better than a different larger more efficient building. It could fit a visual theme that you are going for. You don't have access to body transformation buildings. I've come to realize that you have to use what you have. I first try to get as much as I can of an efficient building of a certain shape. My left over currency will go to other shapes. I try not to acquire too many different shapes.


Oh Wise One
I am a big fan of buildings that give population/culture in general. But I am not really a fan of the Wizard Spell Shop. The reason is that the stats on it are skewed towards culture. So it is giving you a fair amount of culture but the population it provides is not as great as other similar buildings. I prefer for buildings of this type to be focused on more population but less on culture. The Goblin Gift Shop, Calligraphy Class, and Winter Star are all the same size. However, each of them will provide quite a bit more population (but less culture) when compared to Wizard Spell Shop. I do not think any of them are being offered in this event, but it would be worth keeping an eye out for them in future events.