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    Your Elvenar Team

WNT: SPIRE Players of any CH :)


New Member
Greetings =D
If you like to battle in the Tourney and Spire and want a group of highly active players to trade with, we're the group for you!
We're a 10 Chest/week Tourney FS who are working to become weekly Gold Spire winners - we can reach the Laboratory as a group weekly and have won Gold once before, our upcoming Gold Push is next week (Dec 6th) we routinely score 1K+ and rank in the top 10 each week - we're looking for new players to help us achieve our new Team Goal.
The Ideal player would be able to get 1000 Tourney score and reach at least the Laboratory in the Spire.
Please give it some thought or feel free to ask any questions you may have, we will have an open spot at the end of the next Tourney.
LexingtonMAXX – ArchMage of Casus Belli


New Member
we still have 1 spot open - next spire (Dec 3rd) will be our 3rd Gold Push... if you are looking to be part of a Gold win in the Spire pls send the ArchMage a message :)