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Wolf Pack Recruiting

Xiyanir The Bold

New Member
Hello everyone! The Wolf Pack is recruiting Active members. Our fellowship has 9 members at this present time due to expelling non-active members over several months, our ranking is 300. All members are asked to visit fellow members every day that they play. If you play daily - that's awesome! If you play a few times per week - that's also awesome. Even if you can only play on the weekends that's still awesome! We don't require a certain score to join, nor do we require certain percentages of goods to join. We only require that a member remains active & enjoys growing their cities & helping their fellow members do the same. On our overview page our guidelines are listed as well as our members main production goods so check it out. Easiest way is to be in game & type our fellowship name to locate us. We'd love to have you join us. Plus I run 2 growth progress scores. 1st - a weekly Top 5 progress growth & the member with the most score will have their name on our overview page for Honorable Mention. 2nd - I send out weekly growth scores for all members so all can see how our fellowship is growing. I also keep track of every members score for milestone acknowledgements for morale. If this appeals to you please send me a mail message in game if your interested.
Happy gaming!
Xiyanir The Bold ~ Archmage of the Wolf Pack fellowship.