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Wood Elf -> Sorcerers Building Size InfoGraphic


The following graphic visually gives you an idea of how the buildings are changing in the upcoming chapter that just went up on beta. I was able to make this in the amazing www.elvenarchitect.com tool. This tool is updated way faster then the wiki site. Props @Konniver!

Think of the left side as before (Wood Elves), and the right side the after (Sorcerers and Dragons).


EDIT 2/13/2017: Based on @Reiq's astute observation. I updated the graphic above to exclude the barracks. As of today, their is no barracks upgrade on the tech tree.

Keywords: building size orientation, Sorcerer and Dragons. What building sizes are changing between Wood Elves and Sorcerers and Dragons, Chapter 10
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Thank you, very helpful.

But just for the record: it's possible to upgrade barracks up to lvl 25 in WoodElves already. A minor mistake in your graphic.


Did the chapter open up a new row of expansions? If so, where, towards the forest or towards the waterfalls? This info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


Is there a quest to delete the wood elf portal? If so, decidable or story line? I'd like to get rid of my portal to make space and build more mana culture buildings so I can finish upgrading all my streets before I have to enter into the new chapter.