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Wrong boosted manufactory in research area


New Member
2 of 3 listed are not my boosted manufactory. it looks like it might be a bug but i have checcked from this point and the boosted are different. is the normal? Is this a bug?
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Well-Known Member
I don't believe this is a bug. I'm in chapter 13 and have had the same thing as in chapter 8.
I'm not sure why they did this but I had to complete them to move on......Ugh!


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Yep, we all have to complete the upgrade research for all factory types within each tier every time there's an upgrade available. It's not dependent on your boosted goods. While I fully believe in a 'boosted only' build, there are players who build them all (especially solo players, I think, at least until they get the Traveling Merchants).


Active Member
As @samidodamage stated this has been true in all chapters. Beginning with Chp 11, Elementals you will be given new boosts in the Sentient class of goods. New boosts will be your current boost +1.
edit to add: Sentient production will only be possible from L24 or higher so your new boosts will need to have factories at least at that level and you will have already unlocked the tech to do that.