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You don't have enough knowledge points

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Gath Of Baal

Well-Known Member
. Sloppy work by Inno, coders need to be fired! Oh wait, third world coders can't be fired!

I am having some trouble understand why this description even had to be used in the first place.. Are you implying that you think:

1) Germany is a "3rd world" country?
This would just be a silly uneducated description on your part if you think Germany is "3rd World"

2) That you think people who are from "3rd world" areas cannot be good at what they do because you consider them garbage at what they do?
Please educate yourself.. Some of the top people in every job field are from "3rd World" countries... Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers etc

you could have said "Bad Coders" "Garbage Coders" "Crappy Coders" and still got the point across.
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