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Recent content by CrystalBlue

  1. Notification and Neighborly help Improvements

    OMG!!!!!! TY TY TY!!!!!!! *Jumping up and down doing the Snoopy "happy" dance!!!!!!! Between the ruin shards and now THIS? WOW you guys really do care about your players! No more losing my neighbors in my trades! This is AWESOME!!!!! I can't say Thank You enough! Way to go gang, you hit this...
  2. AW for troop performance

    I took everything you all told me to heart :) these are the results. Crystal, my small account, scored 4278 on this last tourney and Sharcott my big account scored 5274. Both left open provinces in the field. We did hit 10 chests as a FS. Guys, I want you to know. I have NEVER done this well...
  3. Hello Hi Everyone

    TY :)
  4. Hello Hi Everyone

    TY :)
  5. Hello Hi Everyone

    TY :)
  6. Hello Hi Everyone

    TY Helva. it's awesome to be here! everyone has been so helpful. i love it here lol
  7. Hello Hi Everyone

    Hi Henroo, and TY :) Ty Squirrel, and yes it does. these guys are great! exactly what we've been searching and waiting for. everyone gives their all. so glad to call them home now. Crys
  8. Found a new home. TY to all

    TY Henroo. done
  9. AW for troop performance

    Been playing with mages today in tourney. trying different combos to get the biggest bang. set up my AW last night so those will help also. Forgot to pull out my culture for mage boost this morning lol gonna go do that now. TY TY TY you all really are GREAT!
  10. AW for troop performance

    OH WOW! TY! wasn't sure what to use on the hounds. that's awesome Eneyhar. You're GREAT!!!!!
  11. Found a new home. TY to all

    TY robsteve50 for contacting me. Should things not work out were we are (great FS that matches our game play) I'll let you know. Sending my best to you and your FS. Crys
  12. AW for troop performance

    LOL k, so I'm not the only one who hates the hounds. My fire phoenix is only at 6 and I'm hoping for enough shards to finish the Abbey with this tourney. I do have 1 - 5 day mage boost in my goodie box. I'm gonna have to start watching the crafting items to look for more mage boosts. So Sanc...
  13. AW for troop performance

    Sanctuary it is! Thank you guys soooo much. Making a place for it right now. Abbey is up next. I love the forum. Best advice and great people. Thank you!
  14. AW for troop performance

    Thank you, Henroo. i have problems defending mage units against the hounds without the use of heavy melee. would love to use mage more often but not sure how to run mage without heavy melee. any input would be greatly appreciated. I'll be putting in the sanc tonight. made room for it. still...