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Recent content by Darielle

  1. Darielle

    Favorite troops?

    I did that every week until I hit the sentient chapters. In chapters 13-14, I cut back to about half and half ... the ones that don't require a lot of sentients are still negotiated. Catering (or negotiating with the spirits) is fun. I like strategizing. As the sentient requirements increase...
  2. Darielle

    Favorite troops?

    I love love love my gruff orc warriors (3 star). They are awesome heavy melees. I find that if treants or valorians fail, the orc gruffs can just go in and stand tall. I always autofight, so they are my go-to heavy melee units. (Elf city, just about to enter chapter 16)
  3. Darielle

    Divine seeds production amount questions

    I use a ton of seeds, so 20 FMs is a requirement for me. Most of them are updated to chap 15, but a couple are from one or two chapters ago. I craft them in the MA and replace them with upgrades whenever I can. I really couldn't live without FMs ... they're the only reason I can do that. If I...
  4. Darielle

    Divine seeds production amount questions

    Great! I don't know how I missed it, but I need to build it!
  5. Darielle

    Divine seeds production amount questions

    I'm not there yet; I'm working on the last tech (AW) before chapter 16, so I'll have to bear that in mind when I get there. I didn't know that armories produce sentient goods in later chapters. When does that kick in?
  6. Darielle

    Divine seeds production amount questions

    You have valuable info here, but I would never reduce my sentient factories to one each. I have three of each, along with 20 festival merchants for seeds, and that really helps me through chapters better than anything else would. Of course, everyone plays differently, and if you can't have that...
  7. Darielle

    Other Request that Developers Play

    I am often amazed when non-controversial informational improvements with no downsides whatsoever still get downvoted by someone, despite overwhelming positive support. It's human nature, and sometimes it's just that someone doesn't like the person proposing a good idea. Or maybe they just feel...
  8. Darielle

    Hello Greetings

    Welcome to the game. Make sure you check Elvenstats.com to research your new fellowship. Make sure they need your boosts. If they have a glut of the same things you have, then you won't be able to easily trade your goods. On Elvenstats, you can see if the players are active (players with black...
  9. Darielle

    Just Curious ~

    I'm here 5 or 6 times a day when there's no special event. 9 or 10 x when there is. I'm pretty quick, though ... around 15 minutes usually each visit. Still adds up to a lot of time, lol, and that does not include the forum time.
  10. Darielle

    Perhaps the Phoenix is superfluous

    I was just thinking, since it's at stage 10, you should be seeing a big difference. But then you answered that yourself when you said that losing a battle seldom happens when the chicken is fed. So I guess you are seeing a big difference after all, no?
  11. Darielle

    Other Player exit from a Fellowship

    The OP just wanted the fellowship to keep the rewards from an unhappy player. In the end, keeping unhappy players does not help anyone, and a fellowship is better off without them. Why create a toxic environment in a fellowship where a person wants to leave but is chained there? He or she could...
  12. Darielle

    Perhaps the Phoenix is superfluous

    Or they just got the fire in the MA and didn't get evolutions for it. That would make it only 5 percent better than nothing.
  13. Darielle

    Considering Allow people to see what kind of streets they have.

    Thank you, sooooooo much, helya. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  14. Darielle

    Voting Fellowship Adventure Badges Placed Report

    I like this idea!
  15. Darielle

    Other Request that Developers Play

    Everyone on opposite sides are each making such good points in this thread that I don't know which side I'm on. That doesn't happen often, lol.