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Recent content by Lolilloli

  1. Chapter 4 or Chapter 5?

    Thanks Nerwa and Rp44. I do fight most of the tourney and some of the spire. That’s very helpful to know.
  2. Chapter 4 or Chapter 5?

    Thanks so much for the input everyone. I also have a city at completed first research of 16. That one takes up a lot of my time. The small beta city is a lot less complicated and I wanted to try to keep it that way. At the same time, i want to still be able to play everything (events, tourney...
  3. Chapter 4 or Chapter 5?

    @ Brin, I’m already sitting at the end of chapter 4. @ Crackie, I was kinda worried about how it would affect event play.
  4. Chapter 4 or Chapter 5?

    Wanted to get some feedback from peeps who have more than 1 city. If you wanted to keep a city small, would you stop after chapter 4 or chapter 5? I wanted to stop before it gets into settlements. Thoughts?
  5. Artifacts

    FYI, in Ideas and Suggestions, there is currently a vote being taken for having a Spire shop relating to artifacts. Maybe check it out and give your input.
  6. Discussion Update v1.123 discussion thread

    Sorcerers hut was in a special offer pack that popped up a few days ago. That was the first time I had seen it.
  7. News from Beta - Archived

    Thanks Soggy. I just started 15 so will be a while but I’m pretty heavy with event bldgs and magic wkshp and resid. Thanks for info.
  8. News from Beta - Archived

    @ Soggy, which point is best to park to keep the status quo on resource balance. Do you clear that first research point?
  9. Best of 2019 - Win 300 diamonds!!

    Mermaid’s Paradise was my fave.