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Choose the door that mirrors the object inside. If you use this item correctly you will be able to escape.
You see a vampire lying on the ground with several wooden stakes pinning his body to the ground. The room is warm and dry.
The vampire reaches for you and manages to dislodge the remaining stakes. You are dead.
As you turn to leave you notice an anomaly in the air in front of you. Slowly a body materializes and a vampire stands in front of you blocking your escape. You are dead.
You see a campfire on top of a stone. Wood and coal are at the base of the flames. The fire has melted the ice surrounding it forming a small pond. Nearby a large stone pillar protrudes from the water. Towards the top of the pillar you can make out a blue flame.
You manage to grab a long branch that is not fully charred. You manage to swim back keeping the burnt area above the water. You exit the room and place the burning wood against the wooden door. The fire spreads and a large amount of smoke is released. You walk back to the room with the metal door and shut it behind you.
You gather a large number of small pieces of ice floating in the water. You place them against the inside of the metal door. The temperature in the room is cool enough that it is able to freeze onto the metal door, creating a reflective surface. The light from the blue flame at the top of the pillar and the light from the campfire both seem to reflect off of the door's center.
When the wooden door has had enough time to burn down you open the metal door. A small amount of smoke enters the room, but the air is otherwise clear. The light that was reflecting off the metal door is now angled towards the room that once had a wooden door. The combination of the wavelengths of light from the campfire and those from the blue flame, which is merely a St. Elmo's fire effect, are able to fill enough of the spectrum to imitate sunlight. A scream is heard far away. The vampire is dead. Going into the room that had a wooden door, you pick up several stakes pressed into the ground and are able to use them to chisel out a small opening in the back room. You continue down a long passageway that eventually leads to the exit. You are safe.



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