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Recent content by Tintella

  1. Tintella

    3 Spots Open - Dragons of the Mist

    We will have 3 spots to fill in the fellowship after the Fellowship Adventures ends next week. Looking for boosts that include crystal, marble/planks or elixir. Tournaments are a requirement of membership. Spire is not required participation, but almost the entire fellowship participates...
  2. Tintella

    Dragons of the Mist

    Dragons of the Mist Our Fellowship is full of loyal members that fiercely work together to advance and strengthen our Fellowship. We ask you visit each of your Fellowship members at least 3x's a week, assist with trades, post FAIR trades (2 stars or higher) and be active (must show an increase...
  3. Tintella

    Needing Elixir Boost

    We have several spots open in our Fellowship for someone boosted in Elixir. We are well balanced in the first two tiers, so boosts there can be anything. Have 4 spots open for anyone that is looking for a friendly, top 100, fellowship that participates in Tournaments, Fellowship Adventures and...
  4. Tintella

    5 Spots Open for a top 100 Fellowship

    Due to some personal issues, we have had several members leave the game and, thus, our fellowship. But, that is good news for you if you are looking to join a fast moving fellowship! Looking for players boosted in planks, silk and elixir, but will consider anyone that is a team player and...
  5. Tintella

    Looking for Great Team Players - Dragons of the Mist

    Are you looking for a friendly, helpful FS? Trying to find somewhere you can fit in and have fun chatting with people who enjoy the game like you do? Want to help a strong fellowship grow even more? Apply to join us or send me (Tintella) an in-game message. We have room for 4 great players...
  6. Tintella

    Looking for Great Team Players - Dragons of the Mist

    Top 100 Fellowship. Averaging top 60 in Adventures and maintaining achieving 6 chests in Tourneys while starting to conquer 7. We have removed several inactive players over the past several weeks, so we have 3-4 spots to fill with the right players. If you like teamwork, being part of a...
  7. Tintella

    looking for a new fs

    Check out Dragons of the Mist, Matrickz. We are a FS in the top 100 and continuing to grow. We are a chatty group but also extremely helpful to one another. I have 2 inactive members that will be removed from the FS if I don't hear back from them, so we would be happy to have you join us. If...
  8. Tintella

    Dragons of the Mist is Recruiting

    We are looking for active members. Our Fellowship is chatty and very helpful, so if you are also like that, you'll fit right in! We have had some members recently leave the game due to real life circumstances, so we are actively recruiting new and upcoming talent. As a fellowship, we share...
  9. Tintella

    Looking for a new fellowship

    We would be happy to have you join us, littleduff! Send us a request to join (Dragons of the Mist). We are a top 100 fellowship and we are very active with trades and helping each other out (and we are on the chatty side!) Hope to see you there!
  10. Tintella

    Dragons of the Mist -- Looking for 2 Outstanding Players

    We now have 3 spots open in a top 100 fellowship! Are you boosted in silk or planks? We'd love to have you join us! Don't have either of those boosts? That's ok, we would still open our doors to the right team-oriented player! Interested? Request to join Dragons of the Mist or send...
  11. Tintella

    Dragons of the Mist -- Looking for 2 Outstanding Players

    Do you want a fellowship that is extremely active and very friendly? We are always in the chat window, helping each other out, posting trades that are urgently needed and just talking :) Do you want a fellowship that is willing to help you make the most out of the game, while making sure you...
  12. Tintella

    Dragons of the Mist -- Looking for 2 Outstanding Players

    A Fellowship ranked 98 and growing. Consistently in the top 50 in the Adventures and getting 6 chests in the Tourney (and striving for 7!). We have advanced players as well as some fairly new to the game. We are chatty group, so we are always communicating and planning in order to get better. If...
  13. Tintella

    Seeking fellowship(s) for my fellowship

    I also sent you an in-game message, @RosehawkATA . If there is anything my FS can do to help, please let me know. ~Tin
  14. Tintella

    Dragons of the Mist -- 3 Open Spots

    Still have 1 open spot! If you have questions regarding the Fellowship, please contact me in the Forums or in the game and I'll be happy to answer any questions! ~Tin
  15. Tintella


    Uther, I am the AM of Dragons of the Mist and one of my FS members said you had contacted them about joining us. I only have one available spot left in the FS, but I did send you an invite (if you are still interested). We'd be happy to have you join us! ~Tin