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active player

  1. Rowanda

    Glinthawk, US6 Sinya Arda, is seeking active player

    Glinthawk is ranked 255 with bronze metals in the spire. In the tournaments we aim for 10 chests. We're looking for one player, hopefully boosted in marble, crystal and/or elixir who wants to grow with us. We have a great time and love to help all our members. Come join us! We're on Discord too.
  2. Players

    Good evening, Is it possible to have Elvenar clean up all servers that have inactive players of more than a year? There have been several times where all invites I researched were inactive players ranging from 2017-2019. It is getting harder and harder to find active players that are not...
  3. Shanubi

    Luckyland recruiting

    Ideal Candidate Would have a score around 103103 and would have one or more of the following boosts: planks, elixir We average 7.8 chests per week and would love to reach 10 weekly or monthly. We have a solid core of 15+ active players, a few newbs, and a few that have gone quiet. We’re very...
  4. Silver Lady

    The Gentry (Elcysandir) - Looking to Grow

    We are a small but active FS. If you are looking for an FS that is active and play in both Tourney & Spire but not demanding of participation level then we may be for you. If you are boosted in silk then all the better, but other boosts are accepted. If interested PM me either in game or in...
  5. cleverphox

    Defenders of Justice Fellowship looking for active members with boosts in Marble,Silk and Gems

    Requirements for membership is to be active, do neighborly visits EVERY DAY you log in and when doing trades they must be a minimum of 2 stars.