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  1. Do you know how to Archmage?

    Are you an Archmage? (or acting/shared Archmage/mage?) Did you know there's a Facebook group just for Archmages and Archmage business? Come share your tips, pick up some new ones, and network with other Archmages for even stronger fellowships...
  2. Maz Mellor

    Recruitment Prospects

    I am starting this thread as a place for Archmages and Mages to share information about possible new recruits. Could be you have active but as-yet unaffiliated players in your neighborhood; could be someone just applied to your fellowship, but for whatever reason, you can't accept them. Chances...
  3. Suggestions based on what various Humans and Elves are complaining about :)

    Dear Elvenar Team, fellow Elves/Humans, In the beginning, I would like to apologize for the inevitable mistakes I am about to make as a foreigner whose level of English is barely intermediate. I have been an active player for a couple of months and am a very satisfied one as well. However, I...