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  1. Finding a FS that fits

    Is there an easy way to find fellowships that match up to your boosted goods?
  2. Patchella

    In-game camaraderie.. ‘tis golden?

    Dear all, ‘Tis been but a month IRT since joining Enthusiasm to build in every world, relaxed now Focused now on three worlds, 2 Fay, 1 Humain Could be light years, a library of KP, bags of gold earned Tricks and tips hard won.. Learning to balance, balance.. Removing things that weigh us down...
  3. Maz Mellor

    Recruitment Prospects

    I am starting this thread as a place for Archmages and Mages to share information about possible new recruits. Could be you have active but as-yet unaffiliated players in your neighborhood; could be someone just applied to your fellowship, but for whatever reason, you can't accept them. Chances...
  4. FS Khuzil (# 67) needs 6 members!

    Our Fellowship Khuzil is looking for new members that are willing to do neighborly visits 3-4 times a week, trade regularly (at +2 stars) and preferably have a boost in Steel, Silk or Elixir. Minimum score is 20K, but if you have at least 2 of the 3 boosts we need you can apply with a lower...
  5. RANKED 11TH *Elvenar`s Protection* is Seeking -

    Looking for a Active player All Boosts - (except Dust) Will adjust boosts for right player :) We have a player that has retired and looking to match. Score around 30000 to 60000 pls. Our FS. is very active -friendly,Helpful and WE ARE are Daily Players !!!! "BONUS" +AW kp`s swap/strong...

    WORLD: ARENDYLL FS: NEPHALEM WE HAVE OPENINGS!! Now is the chance to move to a Great Fellowship! We are a group of friendly, vary helpful and active players, A well rounded FS in the Arendyll world with a FS rank of #2! We have trades and NH in abundance and we are looking for you! Come join...
  7. Intra-Fellowship Contests

    It would be great if Fellowship AM or M could create Fellowship events and give rewards for different contests. These would be completely designed and run by the Fellowship and would require some way of giving resources or bonuses without using the trader which would put the rewards at risk of...