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In-game camaraderie.. ‘tis golden?


Dear all,

‘Tis been but a month IRT since joining
Enthusiasm to build in every world, relaxed now
Focused now on three worlds, 2 Fay, 1 Humain
Could be light years, a library of KP, bags of gold earned
Tricks and tips hard won..
Learning to balance, balance..
Removing things that weigh us down
I guess similar in IRL too,
Continually free up resources and space
And today, a surprise!
..a Spire unlocked and a chest on first offering..
Happy, only one moon cycle in..
My heart is full..
Grateful for support in one of my FSes..
Camaraderie the golden key
Most difficult to find
Perhaps the dearest treasure to keep


Evening Star Selene

Active Member
You write beautifully and are so absolutely right!! My FS is what makes this game worth it, and I honestly consider them to be close friends!


A love button I do not see
Nor a like or other single nod
Nod for a nod, or such
Oh, ‘tis the Lounge, ah, yes,
where pay to play or x effort reigns
And I’m here, once again, quill in hand
to show gratitude for all said above..

Thanks all for your kind words.. really, it is kindness in your heart which prompted your responses.. and I thank you for it.
Patchella.. love.