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looking for a fellowship

  1. sambria

    Looking for a new home

    Hey yall, I have been away on vacay for a few months now and my FS has moved to another and since I was not here, I was unable to join their new group. I am looking for a new home full of active, friendly, helpful and fun players who are ready to take on challenges and help one another. I have...
  2. Axiss


  3. My boosted goods are: marble, crystal, gem. Active fellowship please message me!!

    Hi! I've been looking for a fellowship that does trades often, and needs my boosted goods! Please lemme know if you're interested. Preferably has more player ranking above 4000 :)
  4. Im new and looking for active fellowship

    Im new to the game. I have only been playing 2 weeks and looking for help and advice. I play thru out all hours of the day on and off depending on if im at work schedule. I can grow fast with a little guidance and im a team player. Will help where ever i can.
  5. Dragon Winter Fellowship *NEW

    New fellowship in need of some players who are looking to be part of something. I am looking for people who want to grow starting in something small or who really just wants to be part of something in general. I welcome all.
  6. G.O.H. Seeking Members

    COME JOIN THE FUN in Winyandor Seeking members to join active trading, neighborly help, and development of boosted factories in an effort to develop and grow as individuals and as a group. Being active in the trader, and regular neighborly help is of primary importance. So we open our arms to...
  7. Hi, there you are! We have been looking for you!

    Hello, We were looking for you, You are indeed hard to find. If you are looking for a fellowship We have several openings!We are looking for members that have boosted scrolls. We only ask that you visit other players 4 times a week and post fair 2 or 3 stars trading.We want to see you grow your...
  8. Elvhenan Has Openings :)

    Elvhenan, meaning "place of our people" in the elven language, was the civilization of the elves, or elvhen, in the time when elves were still immortal and the dominant race. Are you 18+? Have a minimum score of 7000? Looking for a great group of people who play daily? We accept both "Humans"...