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Im new and looking for active fellowship


New Member
Im new to the game. I have only been playing 2 weeks and looking for help and advice. I play thru out all hours of the day on and off depending on if im at work schedule. I can grow fast with a little guidance and im a team player. Will help where ever i can.


Well-Known Member
Hello, Sir Joshua. I'm not on your world so I can't help, but I just want to welcome you to the forum and to the game. Best of luck to you. When seeking a fellowship, there's a few things to check out. If you go to your main hall you'll be able to see what your "boosted" items are. (You can also see that on elvenstats.com if you check out your name there.) It would be great to find a fellowship that needs your boosted items. If they are low on those things, they will doubly welcome you. Also, while you're on elvenstats, check out potential fellowships and see how many players are active. You'll be able to find a good "fit" there. Good luck!


SirJoshua, we'd love to welcome you to Dragonswood, as we would any eager new player, but we not find you in Arendyll. Do go to ElvenStats.com, look up your name in the Players tab, then focus on the fellowships that are in your world.