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new player

  1. Hello Hello! New to Elvenar!

    Hello fellow Elvenar friends! I am new to this game but have played other building games previous to this! I wanted to come on here and just say a hello and hope to be friends with other fellow Elvenar city builders.
  2. DragonflyJourney

    Lavender Fields is a new growing Fellowship....Looking for small FS that is looking to merge with another small FS.

    Are you a small FS looking to merge into another small FS? If so, we would love to explore the possibilities. Lavender Fields is accepting new players! Please read the below information and join our great Fellowship! Welcome to Lavender Fields! We are an evolving peaceful and fun fellowship...
  3. Im new and looking for active fellowship

    Im new to the game. I have only been playing 2 weeks and looking for help and advice. I play thru out all hours of the day on and off depending on if im at work schedule. I can grow fast with a little guidance and im a team player. Will help where ever i can.
  4. Looking to join a fellowship!

    New player seeking a well established fellowship. I'm learning the basics now, but I might need further assistance with advanced game play. Please message me, if interested. Thank you!
  5. Hello Arwen the elf. What's your favorite color?

    Hello! I'm new here. I like it so far. Is there like alliances to join? I'm not sure what happens next. Should I just wait for Gandolph and Frodo to show up? lol
  6. Avalon in search of fun new player. Planks/Silk/Gems boosts.

    Hi there! We are a fun, active fellowship on US1 (Arendyll) looking for a mid to high-level player boosted in Planks/Silk/Gems to join us. If you are in Elvenar to have FUN while supporting your fellow members and interested in a considerate, supportive, no drama, interactive group please let...
  7. Are you looking for a Fellowship?

    The Fellowship Serenity of Extinction New player? seasoned player wanting to put your feet up?.......Our fellowship is tailored for the player that wants to advance without the pressures or demands like daily rounds, daily trades or you must! chat. 1/ Visits per week, 3 or 4 would be nice, but...
  8. New player (dumb?) question

    Hi. I've only been playing for awhile and this forum has already answered a lot of my questions but.... I've been making all this stuff in my workshops. I can't find anywhere that it gives me an inventory listing of the stuff I've been making (groceries, tools, etc) nor can I figure out what to...
  9. New Player Questions

    There is so much to read and learn about the "how to" of the game. I've only been playing a few days and I have questions. What is a good number of each building to have, as far as the Goods buildings, residences, Barricks, Armories, and the various production buildings? Space is so limited...