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    Your Elvenar Team

Avalon in search of fun new player. Planks/Silk/Gems boosts.


Hi there!

We are a fun, active fellowship on US1 (Arendyll) looking for a mid to high-level player boosted in Planks/Silk/Gems to join us.

If you are in Elvenar to have FUN while supporting your fellow members and interested in a considerate, supportive, no drama, interactive group please let us know!

We currently rank at 69, averaging 18-20 NH visits per day and with controlling boosted goods we have a stable and solid trading platform to support the fellowship with.

Our goal is to have fun, support our fellow members, and thrive in the game. This means:

Our goal is to have fun, support our fellow members and thrive in the game. This means:

1. DAILY activity and help to fellows (4x per week minimum)
2. Fair trading (2 stars or better, NO cross tier trading)
3. Respectful, considerate behavior and no drama

We can be chatty, silly and quiet and we are a very supportive group that loves to see our members thrive in the game. Come and play with us!

Just find Avalon (Avalon *Recruiting*) on US1 (Arendyll) and message the Archmage (PixiBird).


~ Sylver Willow