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new fellowships

  1. Apply to become a Peacekeeper of Ceravyn!

    Are you interested in promoting peace and prosperity in Ceravyn? If so, why not become a Peacekeeper? We are a new fellowship, so why not be one of the first to join? For more information, just search "Peacekeepers of Ceravyn" on the fellowship finder! Good luck, Scorpio096 Archmage of the...
  2. Free Trade looking for new members!

    Are you looking for a friendly place to call home? Free Trade is currently recruiting members. We are a relaxed group who believe in playing a relaxing game. Our only requirements are that you make 4-5 helping visits a week to each member of the fellowship. 2-3 star trades only. I mean who...
  3. fellowship disbandment timer

    So I was in a pretty active fellowship, Everyone was nice and did NH daily, it was running smoothly. Yes we lost a few members but we was getting new ones. Also some of the members had been in that same fellowship since day one of the game! yet despite all this greatness the Archmage up and...