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new member needed

  1. Currently Recruiting!

    Hey there! We are recruiting several players at this time. We had to rebuild our fellowship after being left behind by our previous Archmage with no notice (GRR) So we're looking to do it right! :D We are currently seeking players boosted in Crystal and Elixir. If you have steel as your tier 1...
  2. Rosestar Marauders

    We began as a training ground for the Rosestar Elite Fellowship. But we like it here. And we would like you to be here as well. We are looking for active players (visiting other members 4-5 times per week) and active traders. Please offer 2 star trades at the minimum. If you can offer 3 star...
  3. Keepers of Avalon One Opening for Crystal Boost

    We are a close knit, helpful Fellowship. An "all for one and one for all" atmosphere. We currently have one opening for a member (score over 10,000) with a boost in Crystal. Please read Fellowship Description before applying to Roriane. We have a lot of fun as we grow. Currently ranked 35.
  4. Stuck in a boring Fellowship? Looking For one that's FUN?

    Keepers of Avalon (Winyandor) is a friendly, partying, fun fellowship who help each other with visits, trades and encouragment. Our chat can be a pretty active place, but is not required. Minimum Score - 10,000. Must concentrate on upgrading boosted good factories to be able to assist fellows...