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seeking members

  1. It's a Wonderful Life recruiting

    We are currently looking for active members with magic dust boosted goods. Fair trades, Active in tournaments and Fellowship visits a must. We are ranked 304 and growing daily.
  2. Seeking New Knights for CAMELOT

    I am seeking new players or Current Players who Seeks to be apart of something new and to gain Glory and Notice of Fame as a Knight! Join us and must know at least one Code but eventually will know them all! The King of Camelot The Knights Code of Chivalry and the vows of Knighthood The Knights...
  3. Here We Go FS Seeking Very Active Members

    FS Name has been changed: Here We Go Easy going and friendly fellowship created for the purpose of being able to help out our fellow members with neighborly help at least 4x a week and good trades. Tournaments are also encouraged. We also have recently started a forum outside the game. All...
  4. Keepers of Avalon Looking for Loyal Members

    We are a friendly Fellowship that places great importance on helping each other and loyalty. We are in the top 30 Fellowships. Looking for like minded members. Good neighborly help rate. Please read our Fellowship Description for more details. KP Club is available and optional. Private...
  5. Arendyll's Illyrian Empire Seeking New Members

    Hello I am Soorya the Archmage of the Illyrian Empire. We are ranked 341. We are currently seeking several members for our fellowship of daily players. We are a fun group that is interested in growing, helping one another, posting fair trades and in general being active. Please fill free to apply.
  6. Keepers of Avalon Has Openings

    Keepers of Avalon is looking to fill a few slots by those who want to play - to replace some who didn't. Seeking Advanced player for a Fellowship that is more like Family. Boosts in Marble and or Crystal a plus. We were ranked 22 before having to let inactive players go. Many of us have...
  7. Rockettes Seeking Members

    The rules are: -Must be active (72+ hours of not helping others in the fellowship = kick unless you clear it with me that you will be away for awhile or you have a medical condition where you can fall ill at any time. If thats the case I will work something out with you) -No drama in fellowship...
  8. Keepers of Avalon Seeking Advanced Gem Boosted Members

    We are an active, friendly Fellowship that works together for each others benefit. We are currently in need of an ACTIVE player with an advanced boost in Gems. Please read Fellowship Description before applying. Fellowship rankings are not our main priority, though we are ranked at 61...
  9. Gypsy Traders seeking to balance our boosted goods

    We are the Gypsy Traders and we value fair trading, chatting and helping our neighbors. We are trying to keep our fellowship's boosts balanced so that everyone in the fellowship can benefit from the trades and get what they need to grow. This allows players to get rid of at least most of their...