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spire of eternity

  1. ionelle

    Spire - Multiple choice for Final Chest

    I would like to suggest that when we reach the top of the Spire we have a multiple choice option for the prize. I feel if we've made it that far we've had heavy losses in troops and goods. A choice of a magic building, or troops replenished or goods or an enchantment or even an artifact. My...
  2. OIM20

    Moonstone Library in Spire, not Gingerbread artifacts

    I've gotten two Moonstone Library pieces so far this morning, the Gum Tree and the Endless Scroll. I didn't screen that, but the chests coming up can be seen below: Access details: Version: v1.133.2-(60d6977) - html5 (2021-07-08 08:38) Browser: Firefox 89.0.2 (64-bit) OS: Win 10 64 Home...
  3. Spire improvement

    I totally enjoy the Spire and also suggest that when one reaches and completes the final room that that room reactivates every 12 hours to increase the enjoyment and participation for those who get there before the end of the event. Other events have a recurring ending extending play except for...
  4. Spire of Eternity Sqaud size test

    Iv been doing a few tests lately in my two cities to compare a higher squad size vs lower squad size in combat. - Of course my ultimate first objective is to be able to do my 2500~ points tourney and all spire fighting.. and be able to fully retrain my army by the next weeks new spire/tourney...
  5. Want to get rewarded for your efforts and have fun too? Spire and tourney active players needed.

    We get 10 chests in tourneys each week and want to hit the top spire rewards. If you like playing regularly and would like to get the rewards and growth with it, consider playing with us. Commonwealth is now number 4 ranked. We mostly joined when we were small and grew together. We are a true...
  6. Caribbean Kat

    Hot Spots Available in ElvenDragonFyre

    SEEKING 2 EXPERIENCED, ACTIVE, HAPPY PLAYERS. MESSAGE MAGES FOR CONSIDERATION TO JOIN if you are ready to SOAR! This FS strives to be competitive in Tournys, Spire and Adventures while working together to Grow Beautiful Cities and enjoy great...
  7. PeaceStarFairy

    Bigger Variety Spire Prizes

    Hi All, I spend large quantities of resources on playing the Spire challenge, I have 98,456 spell fragments. Do you think y'all could throw in a few more enchantments, instants, and combining catalysts? Even singles of these. I like the addition of the Spire, the final fellowship prizes are...
  8. New chapter

    I welcome all visitors of this post. Decided to share thoughts on the improvement of game Elvenar, but if this idea already is on a forum, then I beg link of this publication.:oops: I suggest adding a "random tree" at the menu of technologies, instead of new race: This tree of technologies...