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I welcome all visitors of this post.

Decided to share thoughts on the improvement of game Elvenar, but if this idea already is on a forum, then I beg link of this publication.:oops:

I suggest adding a "random tree" at the menu of technologies, instead of new race:
This tree of technologies will be regularly tree of technologies of random race, but only the basic rating of account will rise at his passing and completing.

At a plot of game this tree of technologies will be the attempt of race The Elvenar to teach race(which this tree of technologies belongs) to spiritual exaltation. So those who studied, to could become one unit of Spire of Eternity(as those, who participate in peaceful negotiations).
This tree of technologies will be refreshing like tournaments and Spire of Eternity (for example: month this will be the tree of technologies of Dwarves, and in a next month this will be the tree of technologies of Orcs and so forth). And before a new tree the basic rating will fall down at that amount of rating points, what was got at the study of past tree of technologies.

I hope this idea will get to the developers of game Elvenar.

I decided to improve this post by my answer to the player on the Russian forum. I will try to translate essence as good as I can:


The original comments and their link:
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