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spire players

  1. Mirai

    I would love to really be able to see who in FS is playing the Spire

    I know on the laptop, I can theoretically get a pop-up and see who is playing each tiny icon shown in the Spire view; I would adore some such clues over here on iOS Mobile where I play. Pros? More info is good Cons? Can't tink of any Costs? Some programming time. Even a pop-up window with a...
  2. Starfleet Fellowships have openings in Winyandor 10+Chests

    Starfleet family of fellowships has Starships in Winyandor obtaining 10+ chest tourneys for spire players. All our ships do at least silver in spire and have periodic pushes for spire gold. In Winyandor we are actively recruiting for Starship Destiny Starship Discovery Starship Denebula All...
  3. Starship Relentless seeking ambitious players in US6

    Currently number 21 ranked fellowship in Sinya Arda, US6, we do 10+ chests in every tournament for a couple years now. We currently earn at least a silver in the spire and do push spire weeks. We participate in FAs to the extent that we earn all the stage rewards. Our requirements are 1200...
  4. 10 Chests & Gold: Casus Recruiting

    Greetings =D If you like to battle in the Tourney/Spire and want a group of highly active players to trade with, we're the group for you! We're a 10+ Chest/week Tourney FS who are working to become weekly Gold Spire winners - we've currently won Gold 6 times, 3 Consecutive and we'll probably do...