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tournament bug

  1. [12555] Dvarven Bulwark not giving sword dancers.

    For about two weeks now my Dwarven Bulwark is producing sword dancers but when collecting them they are not added to my army camp. I sent a ticket and it is still not corrected and whats more they have no intention of replacing these lost troops. Being robbed and brushed off is a great way to...
  2. Current Steel Tournament

    I may be going crazy but was not the last tournament Gems and the next should have been Marble, as all past tournaments have gone in order? Is this a mistake or an unannounced change or am I having a dementia event?
  3. Tourney Rip-Off

    For the past 3 tournaments, I've noticed that every time I finish, the tournament reward is exactly 2 relics short. The first time I thought I counted wrong, the second time, I said "darn I didn't screenshot it"... now I have. Who knows how long this has been going on?
  4. [12243] Tournament rewards not consistant

    I was to get 6 plank relics at the end of the tournament and when I went to go see how many more I needed for the next boost it still said I needed 7. Does this mean I didn't actually get the reward?