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  1. Cayesavegan

    Traveling together in the TARDIS

    TARDIS Travelers is still looking for marble, crystal, and gems players if anyone needs a fellowship. We're pretty chill. KP exchange threads, decent tournament (6 chests) and spire participation (1st high halls), fair trades, chatty, daily neighbor help. We currently have 12 active players; so...
  2. ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    QUESTION So has anyone, besides myself, ever made a bad trade and been unable to undo the trade? Recently I lost 1000s of goods I'd accumulated because I clicked too fast. And once clicked, there is NO undo. SITUATION Ever so often it would be nice to be able to undo a bad trade or not make...
  3. Shellizzie

    Does your FS have an overabundance of Elixer?

    Our FS has an overabundance of Gems and we would love to find a FS that we could work out trades with. Contact Shellizzie or Slamher in game and we will work out a plan that works for both of us!!!
  4. Tanis-Wulf

    Are you boosted in Steel, Scrolls and Elixer?

    If you are boosted in Steel, Scrolls and Elixer and have a score of 20,000 or above, we have a place for you. Mystic Dream Riders in Arendyll is looking for someone like you. We are an active fellowship who offers fair trades and daily neighborly visits. No slackers allowed. We will help you...
  5. High Ranked "ELVENAR`S PROTECTION" Seeks New Members

    We for sure have an Opening and perhaps another ! Hello Ruffe here- Our very Active, Fun, always learning, Daily Players Fellowship is seeking the same. All Boosts are welcome (except Dust-But for the right player i will adjust that) . Folks ,We are very active-we mostly Talk a lot, Learn a...
  6. What to do about multiple unfair trade spams?

    Hi InnoGames people. I was wondering if something could be done about players who make multiple unfair trades of exactly the same trade, taking up 2 3 or even more pages. It's often the same players who do this over and over again. I guess they do it so that someone who is desperate for a...
  7. Trading Post~is it still up n running?

    Haven't heard anything about the Trading FS for a long time and was wondering if there is still one? Thanks!
  8. Arendyll's Illyrian Empire Seeking New Members

    Hello I am Soorya the Archmage of the Illyrian Empire. We are ranked 341. We are currently seeking several members for our fellowship of daily players. We are a fun group that is interested in growing, helping one another, posting fair trades and in general being active. Please fill free to apply.
  9. Unicorn Army

    Hey wonderful people! Are you a Unicorn or want to be one? Looking for: Active Players ranked 3500 or better, post Fair Trades, Boosting neighbors 3x a week or more. We have a really friendly group of players that love to help each other out! We want someone who will stick around and want to...
  10. One improvement to an annoying interface

    Hello all, This being my first post on the forums i thought, naturally i'd make it a good one and complain about something ;) Specifically im talking about UX in regards to accepting trades. Why can i not see how many goods i currently have stored on the accept trades screen? It's pretty...
  11. Trade up with the Freaky Traders

    Small trades, big deals ... it's all good. Are you looking for an active, lively and social fellowship that loves to chat and encourage its members?Want one that shares tips and hints to help you grow faster? Look no further, this is the place to be! All we ask is that you have fun, respect...
  12. Fellowship benefits

    Okay two suggestions that would fall under this topic. The first would be a direct trade option between fellowship members. The reason for this is because a lot of times, fellowship members will post more than generous trade offers to help out someone in particular who is needing something...
  13. Allow us to see our goods while searching trades

    While going through the trader looking for goods that are needed, it would be so much easier if we could see what we had simultaneously. We have to look at the trades that are up, then close the trader and double check the number of goods we have available to trade.
  14. Keepers of Avalon Seeking Advanced Gem Boosted Members

    We are an active, friendly Fellowship that works together for each others benefit. We are currently in need of an ACTIVE player with an advanced boost in Gems. Please read Fellowship Description before applying. Fellowship rankings are not our main priority, though we are ranked at 61...