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Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

Guurt The Destroyer

Well-Known Member
Just because you two are different, doesn't mean the other person wants it "easy." What might be hard for you another might find easy and vice versa, since there are other strategies to utilize in other formats.

There are people here that have literally said this format was too hard. Some that said it was too easy. My point isn't that anyone that disagrees with me wants it easy. My points is that we don't all agree.

I prefer things to be a bit more complicated. A little difficulty is fine with me.

If someone else thinks difficulty is bad then that is their opinion. There is no right or wrong. It is just someone's opinion.

I hope they keep this event format. Others don't like it. We're different.

No matter what changes they make someone will be disappointed because we don't all want the same things.


Well-Known Member
All games ride the thin line of the fruit basket and the half rope. Wish I would have got the cat avatar, but I had fun.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
I'm sure someone must have covered this, but for my two cents for what gets back to the devs (if it does) of forum comments:
  • I would also like to ask that the chests not be 2250 gems, 2250 gems, 2250 gems, and a small chance of winning the daily prize. At least put some variety in the chest. (No, I don't have a screenshot of that one.)
I have screenshot of the gems, gems and gems chest from my Beta test city, posted on the Beta Forum. I believe someone we all know went out of his way to point out it must be a small city. Well, yeah, it's Beta, I just go there to make quest lists and such :rolleyes:


Mathematician par Excellence
@OIM20 absolutely agree on the rune shard, that was a wasted prize each time. I "won" 40, but only gained 2 I think.

I'd also like to see the Carting Library and Ferris Wheel Galore swap between Silver and Bronze. FWG takes 6 tiles for 50 days of 1 KP. Carting Library takes 2 tiles for 100 days of 1KP, vastly superior.
Sure, but the FWG can stay in your inventory for YEARS. Can a carting library do that? (also yes)

Fiona Selah

Well-Known Member
I would like to make a suggestion for this type of event format. Since it takes a long time to gain 420 ingredients I think quest lockouts should be lifted for the last 3-4 days of the event. It already took several days to get to 420 for many of us (it simply wasn't worth using time boosts or gems and resources to do things quicker) Then to run into a lockout that added another day to that was indeed frustrating.