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    Your Elvenar Team

Addicted to Elvenar? Try our beautiful resort at Thornwood. Free vacation, no obligation!


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
We have one spot open in Thornwood, a place that many of our members call "the best fellowship on Earth." Try us for a week's free vacation with no obligation. We'll put chocolates on your pillow and everything! (the chocolate might be kp and the pillow might be a wonder, but heck, same thing) You may decide to stop wandering and settle down here, or you may wander some more. We welcome anyone, traveler or settler, who is very active and loves Elvenar. Come see for yourself.

What you get:

1. A top 50, competitive fellowship
2. Silver spire weekly
3. Gold spire once a month …Earn kp on gold pushes! (We're getting better in spire; it's a matter of time before we take gold weekly … help us do it! If you don't know how, we'll teach you to become a Spire Ace!)
4. Blueprints and 11-14 chests per week in tournament
5. Alternating intensive FAs (4th place this past FA; next time we'll rest!) Earn TONS of kp on FA pushes!
6. An Archmage and mages who care about the team and helping players grow. Your happiness and the health of the group is paramount to me, above my own, provided you are not an entitled jerk. :)
7. Great AW swaps.
8. Fun events, spontaneous revelry, and the greatest bunch of players you can find.

True Testimonial from a player: " I never thought I could do the spire, but with your help, I now love it! Thanks, Dari!"

What we want in return:

Prefer 100K plus, but if you're a die-hard Elvenarian we'll take you no matter what your score!
Enthusiasm, visits, 1000 minimum on tourney, Go through first door (first four encounters) minimum in spire. (If you think you hate the spire, we'll teach you to love it and grow rich in diamonds. I once hated the spire, too!)
Active participation in FA pushes (every OTHER one). We have a time slot system … you tell us what time period (4-hour) you'll be on and we'll wait for you through your next time slot, after we finish an FA map.
Absolutely no drama. Tell me or any mage if you have a problem.
A kind heart and a good attitude will make you a beloved member before you know it!

I wrote the following poem because it speaks from my heart. I once chased weekly gold in spire and left Thornwood, but it haunted my thoughts because of the wonderful people and the camaraderie. Weekly gold is tiring, and I wanted something challenging but not exhausting. Silver spire weekly, with monthly gold pushes, fits that bill. We have FUN in our fellowship, with kp prizes during spire pushes. We celebrate your Thornwood anniversary, and other great perks. Come try us, see what we're like and take a test drive. No hard feelings if it doesn't work out. We understand how important the right "fit" is. --

Thornwood is a magical place,

For those who play with vigor and grace,

Your efforts rewarded, your time well spent,

Among family and friends with an ethical bent,

And if you should wander far away,

The light will stay on, day after day,

The children of Thornwood, they come and they go,

No feelings of guilt, when they wish to know,

What's out there. .. Go try it! And then come back,

Our light will beckon to this familiar track,

And when you return, your friends will smile

Glad you're here for however long a while.

Thornwood will capture your mind and your soul,

While granting you freedom to try another goal,

We do not cling; we do not keep,

And yet, we remain in your mind, very deep.

Once you've known our camaraderie within

No matter your travels, your heart, we will win.

Come try us! You'll always return. I did. :)
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