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Oh Wise One
There is a forum on reddit called AITA
You either know what it means or you don't
But just this past week my FS did one of our periodic 19 chest tourny pushes.
I usually go all out for these and this time I snagged first place on the server
Yay Me, I am awesome
Well what I found amusing was
I got messages from other players about one of the people I beat out.
In reference to this I sent him this message.
"so i had a few people contact me before and after the tourny ended
i got messages like
"watch out for kanye he's sneaky"
"way to go beating kanye"
"congratulations on conquering the evil kanye"
i never really noticed you before
but apparently you are somewhat infamous
i though it might please you to know that "

btw "kanye" is not actually his name
anyway, I thought he'd be amused, as I would be if the situation was reversed
but I guess not
I got this back

"Lol… We aren’t playing the same game, break 100k in total rank points from tourney and maintain 15k running average… what are you at 5.6k? Tell you what, see what you can do in steel, it’s your normal push week, and maintain it though gems…. "

So First, I ask you. Did my message sound like I was bragging or trying to put him down?
Secondly, who takes this game so seriously?
Does he really think I do this to try to impress some clown I've never met?

So we went back and forth a bit

"Actually, the last time I was #1 it was a steel week
Personally I don't look at it as a competition
I couldn't give a *expletive deleted* what anonymous people think
I thought you would be amused by the comments like I was
But apparently I touched on a nerve "

"My point was.. you normally push in steel… so push, and keep it up through gems, let the server know you can score big 9 of 9 instead of 1 of 9. Maybe sometimes you won’t take 1st, or even 2nd…. But you’ll have accomplished something… just trying to help you focus on something that could help you and your FS out."

"Thanks for your sage advice
But my FS is doing fine "

"NP Take it easy"


Personally I and my FS found this highly amusing.
Any thoughts?


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
Secondly, who takes this game so seriously?
People who buy 10 Twilight Phoenixes to level 10? But they pay the bills and keeps the lights on, so yay? Thanks for beating me in tourney and rank this week, faceless player I will never meet!

I do a lot of tourney for the extra challenge or else I feel like the game is too easy to keep my interest, but I see it as competing against myself to see how far I can push my city. If I did 9000 in chapter 12 and got to 9010 in chapter 13, then, yay! I’ve improved. If instead, I went down to 8500, well then, we have to trim some fat in this city! But I know eventually, I’ll hit a wall by the looks of it. And if I hit the wall, then at least I’ve found another wall to run into and that’s always fun, as long as it’s not white and padded.


Oh Wise One
Oh I forgot to say
One of the things that amazed/amused me is
he was obviously bothered enough to check me out on elvenstats

( and i keep saying "he" because most women are too mature to feel the need to measure themselves against others )


i got messages like
"watch out for kanye he's sneaky"
"way to go beating kanye"
"congratulations on conquering the evil kanye"
i never really noticed you before
I’m going to be completely honest and say it may have been this part that soured him. Trying to see it from his perspective, I can see where he may have thought you were saying, “Hey, all these people have been sending me messages about you, but I’ve never heard of you, so how important can you really be?”

Obviously this wasn’t your intention as you’ve already explained where you were coming from, but I can kind of see where his ego may have taken it the wrong way instead of getting the actual gist of what you were saying.