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All Hail Buddy!


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I thought you're in the boonies and your neighbors are Sami and Maidenfaire. Can you even see your neighbors? Do you need to get in the car to get your mail? Plus, you probably have goats to take care of the lawn.
I can see my neighbors; I'm on less than 2 acres. But no, we're on a state route so we have mailboxes on the street. :) I don't have goats, but I'd love to have them and have thought about it before. For right now, we just use a brush hog when it gets too much, lol. Most of the yard I have cultivated with a broadfork and put in tomatoes, etc. I sure wouldn't mind having Sami or Maidenfaire for a neighbor. :)
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Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
One of my Canadian fellows who also lives in Booniesville said she is 3hrs from the nearest Costco. My gosh, that is a day trip just to get toilet paper in bulk! A 6hr trip, and that doesn’t even count the shopping and time snacking at the food court. We were looking up how many Costcos were within 3hrs from me, but stopped because I would be entering multiple states and I am definitely not crossing state lines for extra large jars of mayo and rotisserie chicken.

I think 8?
  1. crackie
  2. Dreamyn2
  3. ed1960
  4. Hurin (he’s in my FS)
  5. samidodamage
  6. Sir Squirrel
  7. Darielle
  8. SoulsSilhouette
Others have shown interest, but I don’t know if they’ve gotten their fingers red yet eating nuclear popcorn. Not that you need to eat nuclear popcorn to be a member (just make your membership declaration in this thread and tag a mod), but we don’t have any Kool-Aid to offer. They also won’t give an underage little girl from the cornfields any strawberry beer. I don’t think helya or Astram will fall for a fake ID around these parts either. Their shenanigans senses are too strong. Maybe @Gkyr will supply us an artisanal batch of strawberry beer if we pay in wonder KPs.
Thanks, Crackie. Seven and thirteen are my lucky numbers. :) Maybe you could invite Tehya1; she's a buddy fan.

Your Canadian friend has it tough. I only have to drive an hour to get to Walmart, Target and Home Depot. And better still, I have an actual grocery store just 15 minutes by car ... the regular city kind, not the tiny general store (which is 1/2 mile away) Gosh, I almost feel too citified here, lol.


Well-Known Member
I remember a time when buddy was the most powerful unit in the game, capable of taking down any enemy regardless of size for no loss.
Until this one came out of nowhere

And quickly became inno's favorite, so much so that none of the game rules applies to her, no buffs or debuffs work against her :mad:


Oh Wise One
no, they realised just how powerful buddy was (treants were also super strong), they didn't like her taking down enemies 10-30 times her size for no loss. In those days buddy would have wiped the floor with the mist walker. They had to change the maths behind her buffs so she couldn't be immune to attacks and then they attacked her stats, range specifically if I recall correctly, so that HM units could catch her.

It was after that when mist walkers came into the game and they hurt everyone.