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New Game Features Ancient wonders & crafting


Well-Known Member
It's going to take me weeks of tourneys to get enough RRs to upgrade my GA to level 16. :(


I currently have 4 AWs waiting to be upgraded due to the cost of upgrades. I've slacked off on the swap threads for this reason. So I started on the tech tree. Just finished chapter 13 and moved up to chapter 14. Now, all my buildings need to be upgraded with RRs (I upgraded a few. Which now I lost the funds to upgrade the AWs). I was always crafting something of use in my MA. Had to slack off there too. My fellowship averages 16-19 chests every week and I still can't keep up. Since all the changes, I refused to spend any more money on this game. Which I feel now, this was innos plan the whole time. To spend money to keep up with all the different upgrading/crafting/tech tree is to spend money. I will continue to play without spending any money until I'm totally in a grid lock or more friendly changes are made again.

hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
they fubar'd wonders and using RR for upgrades, then they release this 100% useless spire tab, i guess to try and distact use from fubar'd to useless items as players drop out of the game in record amounts and say things like "we will forward your concerns" or "thank you for your comments" and do nothing