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Annimatiions, and advanced account settings


Well-Known Member
Proposal :
Due to Lag issues, there is a setting to turn to "Low" the graphics/annimations.
This does NOT extend to collection annimations.... When a player logs on to
100 or more of these, even if set to LOW, the game lags out or causes browser
issues/crashes untill those can be collected.... catch 22 there....

Therefore in settings either add a 2nd choice for those annimations ( to turn off )
or include collection annimations in what the game prevents when turning to LOW.
a Icon ( static ) can still appear above the bldg, but it would NOT be annimated.

I do not see any cons here, other than the tweak to the code ( coding time )


Well-Known Member
I think this would be helpful.

One con is a possible uptick in trouble tickets as, lacking visual feedback, people may be slightly more likely to mistakenly think they got shorted on a collection. This is where a HUD screen of some kind (that shows us our recent log entries) would be a benefit.


Well-Known Member
just it being static instead of annimated... there's still an icon there... untill u take it.
if its not there, there is no collection.... if it goes away ( flys up ) you just took it....
nothing else would chg, even the collection bubbles..... those only happen 1 @ a time
but when you have 100 things to collect, and Im a small player it either lags the browser
out or crashes it entirely.... even 20 bldgs going to collect as I'm writing a msg....
they appear and are annimated in background, and with no msg cue ( draft saving ) like
the forum does.... browser reconns/reloads... and msg is gone.....


Well-Known Member
I don't think it's a stopper. I still think it's a good idea. But I think it's worth mentioning, because it's a possible (not likely, but possible) downside. The developers can decide if they think it's a big deal or not, or if they need to do something else to mitigate the possibility. You're not required to agree, nor to include it in the idea.


Well-Known Member
The game had to reload 5 times in 60 minutes earlier..... because the annimations
overloaded the browser... every single time, a bunch of early collects had appeared in background...
you're right Ash, the devs can ignore it...... ( and many potential new customers with cheap tablets , too... )

the game was 110% unplayable unless I turn off the bldg annimations and use flash, but if my 10 min residences
cause the reload every 10 min... or I cant log on to clear them to clear the lag then its worth trying
to get fixed.... if it happens to me, it must happen for others... very frustrating.


Well-Known Member
you're right Ash, the devs can ignore it...... ( and many potential new customers with cheap tablets , too... )
I think you've moved on to presuming everything I say is opposed to you. I didn't suggest the devs could ignore your idea, I suggested the devs could ignore the possibility of extra trouble tickets (since it's slight).


I call them "floaters" and since I collect a huge bunch of things in my moonstone library farm (4 libraries and about 100 of everything else) I usually have to wait for them go get out of the way to make some collections. It's annoying. Ditto for many other places.

So a toggle to turn them on and off would be nice. AND, perhaps, incorporated in a "heads up" display (discussed elsewhere) one could have a list of the last X number of things collected and from where to deal with the "need to know I got that" problem.



Well-Known Member
Agree, my city is too big as is my moonstone footprint. I'm on a 2017 vintage but beefy HP laptop.


Active Member
My city is small, but I find the bouncing animations distracting and annoying . In low setting, all the animations turn off except for the coins over my residences. I would like to be able to all animations off in exchange for a simple static beacon. I can't think of ANY downside to that apart from coding time.