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Anyone FSs Social


I won't beat around the Bush ...
I have no idea how long I can play , RL issues.
I'm in Lockdown still and no stimulus check yet.

I'm on as often as I'm awake it seems...
I have been playing 2 weeks.
I demand a social alliance, anything else is worthless.
I trade how I feel, I cut breaks to FS members, profit isn't a dirty word.
Last week I completed 3 lvls in 3 days in tourn... 1st time I tried.

I'm MST USA and am looking to be social nightly from 6p-1a, and
in-out overnight, sleep kinda days ( whenever I pass out ).

I don't want to use a 3rd party chat client, the game works fine.
I don't wanna always offer "help" 1st, and the reciprocator gets bonus.
I will be avail. @ midnight MST in 22 hrs..... to join.

Should your alliance meet my req's and want a kick but player for
@least this week's tournament.... Call me, before deadline....
( remember I've only been playing 2 weeks, I don't have 10,000 troops
or spells up the ying yang to aid me... )

ohh and for all those alliances that are listed as "insta-join"...
ya get what ya get..... ohh and I'm sooo done with stupid ppl....
please have some IQ in your FS if you plan on me staying...


Well-Known Member
I'm sure someone will just looooove your charming personality, Brin. One piece of advice, although I doubt it will be taken. Just give help to everyone daily and don't worry about who has given to you. In the end, you'll wind up with far more reciprocate bonuses than you ever will by worrying so much about not being first. I've never worried about whether the "hand" on my messages was regular or golden. I still click on it. And I have tons of golden ones, I assure you. Yes, there may be someone who winds up with more than they deserve. What good will worrying about that do? It will only deprive me of time I could better have spent building good will instead of turning everyone off ... oh and a second piece of advice. If you do one-star and zero- star trades because, as you say, "profit isn't a dirty word," you'll find that your neighbors will be just as charmed as we on the forum have been by your attitude.

But since you are sooo done with stupid people, I'll stop now. Yes, it was stupid for me to try. I admit it. Peace.


@Darielle ,
(impersonates Sheldon Cooper) ....... was that Sarcasm ???

Stupid comes in many forms... Stupid is as stupid does.
I was simply being blunt, truthfull, and direct.... My charming personality, obviously you think otherwise.
Ya know Jenny, you should go back to....... GreenBow.... Alabama...

Care for a piece of chocolate ?


Anyone reading this, who wants to be in a social FS, USA time weeknights, where members work together and chat freequently for a couple hours each night, Let me know... if I can get @least 10 ppl or more I'll start a FS....