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Anyone speak a different language?


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
thats french @mucksterme
he said it in spanish...

Some mornings I don't know what language I'm speaking either. Nor does my wife. Two cups of coffee later I know what language I was speaking but can't remember what I said, or if I remember what I said, dont' know what it meant.



New Member
I'm American, so English is my native language. I studied French and German throughout school and college. I am presently teaching myself Korean, its a beautiful language and quite easy.

Lille Kraake

New Member
American English is my first language, French is my second, but fell into disuse due to lack of other French speakers to converse with. Mexican Spanish (Jalisco dialect) is my third, and Norwegian (Hønefoss dialect) is my fourth. I'm fluent in American English and Mexican Spanish, highly conversant in Norwegian (bokmål, ikke nynorsk ,) and I read and write in French with basic comprehension.