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Auto-fight in Tourney and troop selection


New Member
This question is specific to Auto-fight in Tourney. I'm having a hard time figuring out what works best. I'm not really sure how to ask so I will give an example situation.
Say I'm fighting 3 star mix of heavy range and heavy melee, but mostly heavy range. I have 2 star sorceress, 1 star banshee and 1 star blossom mage. Would it be better to use all sorceress since they are 2 star? or use mostly banshee since they are better at heavy range and maybe 1 blossom mage since they are best at heavy melee?
I hope I am wording my question clearly.
Thank you very much for input!!


Well-Known Member
Speaking personally, I am not a fan of Sorceresses, and Banshee are worse in almost every way. So I would be inclined to go 5 Blossom Mages. Why? Range. Sorceress and Banshee have to put themselves into attack range in order to do any damage. Blossom Mages can just float back and shoot things from afar. (They can also shoot outside the retaliation range of Mist Walkers, if the AI is smart enough to take advantage of this.) The extra range ought to also assist the AI on maps where terrain gets in the way.

But it's true that Blossom Mages are more flimsy than the others, so I couldn't say how well this would work in practice. (I don't have them yet in my Elven city.) So you'd have to just try various combinations and see what kind of results you get. For example, maybe 4 Blossom Mages plus 1 Sorceress (or Banshee, but probably Sorceress) to help defend the others? Something like that.

(If there are a lot of Mist Walkers, I usually throw in a Mortar or two (yes, Mortars). Golems are more hardy but they might wind up in the range of the Heavy Melee before the mages take them out. If you have Orc Strategists you could try those, but I think Golems would work just as well.)

Sorry I can't be more help!


Well-Known Member
Note: I am not end game chapters .. almost to completion of Amuni --- end game troops may have different perspective.
Banshee is absolutely horrid until at least 2 star upgrade .. and even then is marginal except for very unique circumstances..
Early rounds, the barracks sorceress does fine work, and archers can be surprisingly good counter troops for mistwalkers (if wonder / attack / health support is in place).
Blossom mages are the way to go if you have an elvish city -- the attack range and damage they do is deliciousness.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I like my banshees for the early tourney rounds (first and second and possibly third of the tourneys that are not far from your city). Otherwise, they're useless.


Oh Wise One
The Sorceress is not that good. You said it was a mix of heavy melee and heavy ranged, but more heavy ranged. If the enemy force is skewed towards heavy ranged, I would consider using Treants instead of mage units if I was Elven. Now if I was human, Priests all day long.