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AWs to Maximize Troop Strength


6 Ancient Wonders maximize troop strength.
Martial Monastery/Sanctuary increases Troop HEALTH so they last longer.

Each unit has an AW to increase DAMAGE.
Needles of the Tempest - L. Ranged
Heros' Forge - H. Melee
Dragon Abbey - Mage
Temple of the Toads - H. Ranged
Victory Springs - L. Melee

"Trees:" MMM, ELR, UUU, and, Dwarven Armorer
ALL need to be Crafted or Won in the Spire. Even using 2 "Trees" gives great results.

Troop-Strengthening Ancient Wonders are the ones that directly make a difference in a fight.
They can be separated into two groups.
* Combat AWs boost the damage done by the five troop types (NofT, HF, DA, TofT, VS)
* Hit point-boosting AW (Martial Monastery/Sanctuary).

Military AWs increase training speed, or troop squad production size, or provide free troops.
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