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Implemented Barracks keep up with squad size


Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this has been suggested or if it's even feasible.

Idea: When building troops in the barracks it only allows a unit of 12 to be built at a time. Once you upgrade your squad size it still only allows a unit of 12 to be built, I think we should be able to build up to our max squad size that we have researched.

Is there a specific reason it still remains at 12? How do others feel?



Build armory, upgrade to the maximum level = profit :)


The Armory is a military building which can be found in the Buildings Menu under the "Military" tab.

The purpose of this building is to increase the size of the Training Slots in the Barracks. The more Armories you have the more Units you will be able to train simultaneously, in the Training Slots. That means, you have to fill the Training Slots less often and can produce more Units e.g. over night.

I don't know if you are Human or Elf, but the logic is the same.