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BELLYLAUGH Fellowship is now recruiting Steel, Silk, or Gems or Active player


New Member
“Ask not what your fellowship can do for you, but what you can do for your fellowship”

BELLYLAUGH Fellowship is now recruiting​

Looking for New or veteran active players with boost of Steel, Silk or Gems

Applications welcomed to join us but please read the rest of this Overview to make sure that you understand our aims and objectives. A message backing up your application is most useful, and you ideally need to have progressed into Chapter 1 and have your trader... we would Prefer you are Chapter 2 or higher.

No rambling lists of Rules or Regulations here, just EXPECTATIONS of which we have five:

1) Visiting – as often as possible
2) Trading – both taking and giving. Cross tier is OK, but all trades should be fair.
3) Tournament – you are expected to take part to the best of your abilities since the Tournament is absolutely critical to the development of this fellowship an you.
4) Spire – same as Tournament, for those at Chapter 3 and above
5) Adventure – they don’t happen too often, but when they do we’d like maximum effort.

There is little value in belonging to a Fellowship unless you participate, since an idle fellow is an unhelpful fellow. If you just sit here and do nothing without letting us know why then don't be too surprised if you're mysteriously not a member of the FS anymore.

A must is boosted goods as it’s more efficient for city development. A small number of T1 manufactories to help with quests and adventures is acceptable.
We especially welcome new and rising players.

Contact: Archmage- Deathstryde or Mage- Jewllynn