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Blacked Out World Map


Ever since the last maintenance/upgrade that was done my world map has been blacked out. I can see the names of the neighboring hexes, and I can see where I can scout and what is locked, but the actual map graphic is blacked out. I have attempted to clear the cache and cookies, refreshed my browser, deleted my history, and even gotten rid of some of my browsers extensions. I am playing on Google Chrome on a Chromebook, so I cannot check with any other browsers or devices. Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice or ideas? I've contacted the game support, but any feedback would be nice.


  • Screenshot 2016-06-20 at 9.45.51 PM.png
    Screenshot 2016-06-20 at 9.45.51 PM.png
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The same thing happens to me on my Chromebook, but not when I use safari on my mac.


Whatever browser you are using clear your cache this may help you often cookies will back up making a data jam by clearing them you open up free flow of data.


I had the same problem on Edge --MS 10 -- I changed to chrome as a browser for Elvenar ONLY. and the problems with Black screen are gone
HOWEVER I had some annoying problems with ID and email address identification, It took a while for Elvenar to recognize my ID and Email .
I finally had to tell Elvenar that I forgot my password (and consequently reset the password ) for The elvenar(us) server to recognize me and grant me the rights to post on this Forum. Since this is my first time post. I hope this attempted fix holds for my next attempt to browse the forum. There are times when a sense of humor, the patience of a saint, and a manipulative mind (as far as computers are concerned) are required. :)

The problems with idenity came on chrome immediately I changed from Edge. I tried clearing my password in the browser setting and everything the problem was definitely on the server end. I've got my fingers crossed that this work around sticks.
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