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Recruiting Blueprints and Diamonds for you!


New Member
After a collective vote our Group has decided to no longer give full out efforts in Fellowship Adventures. We have more hardware to count from them, including being the current reigning Champions. We now will do simply what is necessary to claim artifacts/set pieces from Stages 2 and 3 which Fellows may need for the recent Event buildings without any further stress or disruption to Chapter progress. As a result some have parted ways to join other groups that go all out every Adventure so we now have spots open for those wishing to join a very active group that gets lots of Team rewards with very minimal requirements to reach weekly. Our Spire perk is maxed out(500 pts) which makes getting Gold quite easy...and we get at least 12 chests in Tournament weekly. Again...WITHOUT huge demands. If you are looking to boost your game rewards message me and we can talk. We can also accept a small group up to 6 cities as long as all can meet our requirements. Check out our Overview and let me know if you are interested. My name is Yonericus and our FS is Shelter from the Storm. Thanks for your attention! Cheers1