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    Your Elvenar Team

Cael Hwyl looking for an ambitious player


Greetings from Cael Hwyl!!

We are a hard working club with great people who are focused on helping every member of their fellowship succeed! We are Actively RECRUITING and have an available spot! Perhaps you inspire to be part of this 4th ranked on Sinya Arda fellowship, and bring us higher into Glory!

Are you tired of not seeing spire gold? Cael Hwyl has successfully won SPIRE GOLD FOR 52+ STRAIGHT WEEKS! 84 SPIRE GOLD AND COUNTING!!

We just ran our first Tournament PUSH week and made 19 tournament chests!! We normally make 15-16 chests weekly; and with new blood we endeavor to make 17-19!

We are looking for a team player; someone who’s at Chapter 12+ with steel/scroll boosts.

For more information, please read our Fellowship Overview and/or send a message to Misstressabigail or any mage. And when you are ready to be part of a top echelon fellowship, put in an application.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Warrior it’s time
with raised bottles of wine
and swinging swords
to go into battle

Warrior it’s time
to stand side by side
fearless in line
the enemies won’t hide

Warriors it’s time!
our elixirs to use
drinking like juice!